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Our Data Plans

Nationwide Plan

Valid for 5-20 Days

from $7.99

Valid for 30 Days

$31.99 $23.99

Valid for 30 Days

$55.99 $41.99

Valid for 30 Days

$79.99 $59.99

Multi-Country · City Plan

Valid for 10 Days

from $15.99

Valid for 1-30 Days

from $3.99

Valid for 30 Days

from $23.99

Valid for 30 Days

from $23.99

Why eSIM Australia?


Get a stable connection
wherever you travel across Australia.
Use Speedy data without
network speed degradation.


Shop Australian local data plan
immediately online.
No need to switch a physical SIM card
by scanning the QR code.


Buy, add, and use the internet
at a local rate. Prepare your plan in advance
and avoid stressful situations
during your trip.

Most Recent Reviews

I visited Sydney for holidays and
it was my first time using eSIM.
I was really satisfied with their service.
I loved the simple installation process.
Also, the local network quality was so great!

Matthew, Student, Canada

I absolutely recommend eSIM Australia.
Their service was customer friendly.
I never had any problem.
Well received, well installed.
I’ll try another region’s eSIM of WHIZ eSIM.

Luna, Traveler, UK

I’m a frequent traveler for business.
Very, very pleased with eSIM.
They have competitive prices and
is super easy to buy and use.
Highly recommended
to those who go on a business trip often.

Robert, Designer, United States

Explore Australia
with eSIM Australia

What is an eSIM Australia?

eSIM Australia helps you to select and order your digital eSIM Australia
at local rates. The most affordable prices to be connected to the Telstra & Optus network.
Start enjoying travel with our affordable Australia eSIM plans!
The easiest way to enjoy data in Australia.

How to use eSIM Australia

Which devices support eSIM?

• iPhone XS series• Samsung Galaxy S20 series• Google Pixel 3 series
• iPhone XR• Samsung Galaxy S21 series• Google Pixel 4 series
• iPhone SE 2 (2020)• Samsung Note 20 series• Google Pixel 5 series
• iPhone SE 3 (2022)• Samsung Note 20 FE series• Google Pixel 6 series
• iPhone 11 series• Samsung Galaxy Fold series• Google Pixel 7 series
• iPhone 12 series• Samsung Galaxy Flip series
• iPhone 13 series
• iPhone 14 series

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have a PayPal account.
Can I still make payment?

Yes. On PayPal’s official site, you can create
an account to make a payment
but it is a simple process and super easy.

How long should I wait for
eSIM QR Code after payment?

You will receive the eSIM QR code via email
within 2 – 8 hours during working hours.
If you haven’t received the email in time,
please contact the eSIM Australia support team.

How can I remove
the eSIM data plan after use?

We recommend not removing the eSIM
while in use and after use.
If you want to remove the eSIM, go to [Settings]
– [Cellular] – Tap on the eSIM you would like
to remove – Tap [Remove Cellular Plan]. 

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